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Broad and deep, full lifecycle experience with many types of software: Enterprise Financial and Internet Services, demanding Graphics and real-time Multimedia; Multi-tier servers, middleware, and clients. Specializes in high performance engines, threading, and delivering elegant APIs to complex technologies. Excellent technical, communication and interpersonal skills. Fully 'hands-on' developer on all projects.


Bloomberg LP – New York, NY Jan. 2004 – present

Member, Research & Technology Services Group

Internal consultant to Trading Systems group. Designed and implemented position tracking server for Hedge Funds project. Enhanced Bloomberg's massive Fortran-based legacy trading system to generate ticketing, pricing, and administrative events, requiring extensive source code analysis. Designed and implemented auditing tools to verify data integrity.

Internal consultant to Equities Group. Designed and implemented Data Transparency prototype. Provided drilldown capability on summaries of as-reported data, to show breakdowns, formulas for derived values, and trace the provenance of data by opening and highlighting selections in the corporate filings. Implemented entirely as client-side XSLT transformations. Authored XML Schemas for data interchange between Bloomberg's Global Data group and Equities Group.

Team Leader, Security Search. Created a very responsive, Bloomberg-integrated web application for searching millions of securities of disparate types based on a wide variety of criteria. Created a unified database to contain all pertinent security metadata, and a process for populating and maintaining the data from multiple legacy sources.

Authored JavaScript library to support continuous streaming of results from server with client side XSLT transformations. Web-app allowed client to instantaneously scroll through results located on the server. Pioneered AJAX techniques to build responsive clients in standard web browsers.

Authored a generalized XML schema for reporting search results, optimized for multi-tier search engines. The search broker asynchronously integrates and streams results from multiple servers to the browser client, who reassembles the data into coherent, user consumable results. Schema affords seamless handling of error cases, and a timing model that allows detailed analysis of performance from query to completion.

Chaired Research & Technology's Best Practices Working Group. Authored coding guidelines. Developed documentation ontology and schema, and published guidelines in interactive XML format to present them in context variously with driving requirements, definitions, citations, examples, and comments. Achieved intention to go beyond static documents to an interactive, corporate-wide discussion of practices captured in an accessible, consumable form.

Tools/Technologies: Unix (Solaris, AIX), Linux, NT, C++, STL, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XSLT, DHTML, Java Servlets, JDBC, Ant, Perl, Informix, SQL, Tomcat, IE 6, Mozilla Firefox, UML, Telelogic DOORS, Clearcase, CVS

Comstock-Interactive Data – Harrison, NY Mar. 2003 – Dec. 2003

Senior Software Engineer

Designed and implemented a complete, high performance middleware system, accompanying C++ APIs and wire protocols for Comstock Xpress Server. The system integrates both publish/subscribe (at fixed data rates) and query/results models (flow controlled). Identical APIs form the basis of the server architecture (implemented with shared memory), and the client libary (TCP based). Server, running on standard PC hardware handles thousands of transactions per second, and hundreds of thousands of messages per second.

All queries/subscriptions are transaction based, guaranteeing clients they either receive all messages from subscription to high-speed feeds, or receive notifications of what they missed. Transaction handling objects facilitate multitasking without need for multithreading.

Tools/Technologies: Linux, NT, C++, STL, Posix Threads, Perl, UML, TCP/IP, Perforce, CVS

The Sporn Group – New York, NY June 2000 – May 2002

Senior Consultant

Client: Salomon Smith Barney

Wrote C++ risk feed generator for Bond Options, communicating with CORBA based analytics servers.

Rewrote legacy Pro*C, PL/SQL risk management application, and integrated into Citigroup's Enterprise-wide, Unix-based Global Market Risk system. Redesigned and integrated into system: Market Risk feeds of Derivatives, Futures, and Bond Options, Money Markets, F/X, and Index securities. Wrote SQL, PL/SQL and Perl scripts to correlate data between differently factored database schemas and feeds as part of the development verification process.

Successfully completed this major effort in a timely fashion, despite last minute changes in requirements. Flawlessly passed Citigroup's rigorous QA process, and integrated smoothly into production.

Tools/Technologies: Unix(Solaris, HP-UX), C++, CORBA (Iona Orbix), Roguewave, Rational Rose, UML, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, Pro*C, SQL*PLUS, Perl DBI, Korn Shell, Perforce, CVS, SCCS

Client: Tullett & Tokyo Liberty, plc

Architected innovative security trading/position reporting API, providing uniform method of computing positions on Bills, Notes, Bonds, Rolls, Swaps, Coupon Swaps, Future Contracts, and Repos. System enables processing of arbitrarily complex transactions and unanticipated financial instruments--a breakthrough for brokerage firms forced to reengineer when new trade types are introduced. Includes unique system for quantifying and qualifying data, where yields or price are uncertain, where some information will be determined at a future date, or substitution rights may be exercised.

Wrote/distributed robust LibertyDirect API C++ /Java client applications. Maintained releases of @Liberty Odd Lot trading system. Main provider of LibertyDirect API development support for all of TTL's clients (major brokerage firms including Goldman Sachs, Salomon Smith Barney, Paine Webber, Bear Stearns).

Tools/Technologies: Unix(Solaris), NT, Visual C++, Java 1.2, 1.3 , Roguewave, Posix Threads, Perl, XML, Sun Workshop, UML, TCP/IP, Perforce, CVS

Tempest Software – New York, NY Nov. 1999 – June 2000

Senior Consultant

Designed/implemented protocols for Omnipod, a high-performance, multi-tier internet server supporting tens of thousands of simultaneous, continuous, high bandwidth connections. Designed/implemented C++ TCP/IP socket handling classes from scratch. Implemented communications layer between application server and seamlessly integrated remote internet services hosts.

Gathered client's requirements. Created UML use case models for entire system. Created and maintained Doors requirements database and issue tracking system.

Tools/Technologies: Unix (Solaris), NT, C++, Visual C++, Roguewave, STL, Posix Threads, Perl, XML, Sun Workshop, Rational Rose, UML, QSS DOORS, TCP/IP, IMAP, SSL, Tempest Messenger (MOM message oriented middleware-- cf. MQSeries or Tibco), Perforce
Tempest Software appears to be defunct

Pantone – Carlstadt, NJ Jan. 1999 – Nov. 1999

Senior Software Developer

Designed/developed Java-based e-commerce solutions for authoring, serving, and viewing color accurate web documents. Designed shopping carts for merchandise where accurate screen color representation is critical to purchase.

Wrote HexImage, a cross-platform Adobe Photoshop plug-in that performs Hexachrome (six color) separations.

Responsible for improving the ECS department's coding, source management, and release building processes.

Tools/Technologies: Windows NT/98, MacOS, Visual C++, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, DHTML, Java 1.2, JavaScript, Visual SourceSafe, ICC Color Profiles

Live Picture, Inc. – Campbell, CA Sept. 1995 – Dec. 1998

Lead Engineer, Imaging Technology

Project Manager and Lead Engineer for Live Picture 2.6.2 (a widely acclaimed prepress imaging application), and a consumer postcard creation product to be bundled with Fuji-Film's photo CDs for the Japanese market.

Lead Engineer for Live Picture's Internet Publishing System. Integrated multi-tier system including Documentum-based content management system, integration with backend SQL Server and Live Picture Image Server. Crafted workflow solutions for document submission and approval, local and remote printing, serving electronic documents with super-high resolution images at variable resolution (Client-side HTML/JavaScript, server-side Perl CGI). Implemented C++ utilities to process PDF files substituting fixed resolution images with live multi-resolution images served on demand.

Designed/implemented cross-platform APIs for multiprocessor threading, synchronization, memory management, and file IO. Invented the Edge Highlighter, an original solution for generating image masks (US Patent #6300955). Contributing Engineer to Live Picture 2.6, and Live Pix 1.0.

Tools/Technologies: Windows NT/95, MacOS, Visual C++, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Perl CGI, JavaScript, Microsoft IIS, PowerPlant, Adobe PDF, Visual SourceSafe, Perforce
Live Picture sold its assets to MGI Software, which in turn was sold to Roxio

Radius, Inc. – San Jose, CA Feb. 1993 – Sept. 1995

Staff Engineer

Software lead for Radius line of Macintosh clones.

Developed a multiprocessing API for TI MVP board (RISC + DSP). Ported VRTX 68k and Radius debugger to Radius Rocket card. Wrote message oriented middleware libraries and transaction handling libraries/APIs. Designed/implemented Rocket Manager, system software for Radius Rocket CPU cards, assembling virtual computers on-the-fly from farms of actual interconnected computer components. Authored toolkit and API for same.

Tools/Technologies: MacOS, VRTX, TI MVP, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, C++, C, Assembler, Think Class Library, Projector
Radius later became Digital Origin, and is now defunct

ImMIX – Grass Valley, CAMay 1991 – Dec. 1992

Senior Software Engineer

Co-designed software for ImMIX VideoCube, a non-linear, online digital video editor. Developed real-time graphics track software including: real-time, asynchronous interrupt-level graphics playback software, anti-aliased character generator with special text effects, and Think Class Library based user interface components.
Tools/Technologies: MacOS, C++, C, 68K & TI 34020 Assembler, MacApp, Think Class Library, Projector
ImMix became part of Scitex Digital Video and later part of Accom, Inc.

MacroMind, Inc. – New York, NY Nov. 1989 – May 1991

Graphics Software Architect

Lead developer of portable core architecture for MacroMind’s multimedia applications. Created multimedia engine with uniform API for both Windows and Macintosh, critical to shipping cross platform applications in parallel.

Designed the Ortho Protocol, a video/audio device control specification. Worked with vendors to establish the first industry standard for multimedia device control. Authored/Implemented XObject Developer's Toolkit, for externally linkable objects. Provided online support for XObject developers. Contributing engineer for Director, MediaMaker, and Action!

Tools/Technologies: MS Windows, MacOS, Zortech C++, Think C, MacApp, MPW, Projector
MacroMind later became Macromedia, and is now Adobe Labs

Cricket Software – Malvern, PA June 1988 – Nov. 1989

Senior Software Engineer

Designed/implemented all facets of color management, rendering, color separation, and interface software for Cricket Draw III. Pioneered the color editing paradigm that is still the most emulated to this day. Included extensive optimization of Quickdraw graphics library for speed and color accuracy, including multi-monitor support at differing bit-depths.

Implemented the earliest full-color print drivers for MacOS and Windows.

Tools/Technologies: MacOS, MS Windows, Think C, MPW, Projector, Object Pascal
Cricket Software was bought by Computer Associates

Artronics Inc. – South Plainfield, NJ Oct. 1983 – June 1988

Product Development Manager/Senior Software Engineer

Designed/implemented the following application and tools: unified suite of vector drivers for film recorders, printers and displays; a complete windowing system, user interface framework; high-end broadcast video paint and real-time animation systems.

Contributing engineer to Paint8 and Paint24, the first PC-based Paint systems in their respective categories (8-bit and true color).

Tools/Technologies: MS DOS, CPM/86, C, 8086 Assembler, Polymake, SCCS
Artronics was bought by Genigraphics Corp



Teaching Experience

Seton Hall University – South Orange, NJ Sept. 1987 – June 1988

Member, Adjunct Faculty

Taught Introduction to Computer Graphics at the undergraduate level. Course included color theory, fundamentals of paint, drawing and solid modeling systems.


Parsons School of Design – New York, NY Sept. 1981 – June 1982

BFA Photography Program

Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Jerusalem, Israel Oct. 1977 – July 1978

Semitic Linguistics