Tell me about your commercial software experience.

I have been a contributing developer or lead architect of several computer graphics/multimedia/video products:






Paint 8

First PC 8-bit paint application



Real time animation program

Sole Author

Paint 24

First PC 24-bit paint app



Presentation graphics app



Broadcast video paint app

Lead Architect


Director 2.0

Multimedia package


MacroMind MediaMaker

Multimedia package


MacroMind Action

Multimedia package

Architect, multimedia engine

Cricket Software

Cricket Draw III

Drawing application

Architect for color, printing


ImMIX Video Cube

Online digital video editor

Architect of graphics track


Radius Rocket Manager

multiprocessing extension


Radius 8800, SuperMac S900

Macintosh clones

Software Manager, lead software engineer

Live Picture

Live Picture 2.6

Prepress imaging application


LP Batch Converter

Auto-converts multiple images


Live Picture 2.6.1

Major bug fixes where required for this release

Project Manager, Lead Engineer

Obelix (code name)

Photo postcard application done for Fuji Film and Japanese market

Project Manager, Lead Engineer

Network Publishing Server

For graphics intensive documents at multiple resolutions

Project Mgmt/Lead Engineer


Pantone HexImage

Hexachrome separation plugin

Lead Engineer

Tempest Software

Omnipod Internet Server

Integrated internet services for media sharing/playing, instant messaging, email & calendar

Project Mgmt/ Requirements Mgmt/contributor

Tell me about your management experience.

Radius: After long experience as technical lead, and as technical liaison to evaluate deals with other companies, I assumed software management responsibilities at Radius when they went into the Macintosh clone business. I was responsible for a small group (most of my experience is managing between four and seven contributors), but was also largely responsible for growing the group. Since the group was to grow beyond my established experience, it ultimately became my job to qualify and hire my own replacement with the mandated prior experience with a larger team.

Live Picture: At Live Picture, I started again as an individual contributor. My technical competence and proactive work with processes soon led to my assuming responsibility for the company's core technology. I was given multiple projects to manage in their entirety, including one project where one of my team members was my own boss! (This brings all types of interpersonal skills into play.) At Live Picture, I became the first manager to ship quality projects on time in company history. I later established a reputation for doing the same generally with projects I managed. I was also the choice for rescuing projects that had trouble coming to completion or suffered from mission confusion.

Other aspects of my Live Picture experience include the following:

Tempest Software: The Professional Services division of Tempest acted as the primary engineering arm of our client, Omnipod. The mission: to develop an ultra-high performance and ultra-high availability internet community for an expanding universe of high-bandwidth users. The Omnipod server provided multiple services such as file sharing, multimedia file playing, browsing public content of other users, email and calendar capability. All of these were packaged in a skinnable, dedicated client running on Windows. All of this was developed in an unheard-of time frame of several months, and was built around a multi-tier design employing the Tempest Messenger System (similar to IBM's MQ Series and Tibco), and a custom application server.

My role was a multi-fold mixture of analysis, project management, client/vendor contact and development.